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Behind the scenes, we are working on new features and other improvements for the Satoshi Trading Bot. Since today, a new feature has gone live. The so-called “profit strategy” feature that provides the possibility of storing profits in crypto or euro. Now by default the bot sells the profit for Euros, but with the new feature it is  possible to choose per trader to keep the profit in crypto or euro. That is, you can keep the profits from Bitcoin transactions in Bitcoin or choose to keep them in Euros. This allows you to save your favorite coins and expand your portfolio.

How do I set up the new function on my bot?

Go to and login to your account

Click on settings and choose ‘traders‘. Click on any trader and see that with each trader you can make a new choice called ‘profit strategy‘. If you click on this you can choose between ‘Hodl‘ or ‘reinvest‘. You can set this new feature on all your traders. This means that you can keep the profits of the crypto in question as crypto and have others simply converted into Euro.

A feature that makes it possible and easier to set up your bot to your wishes so you can have it work for you while you do what it is you are doing, and a delight for the true HODL’ers among us!

Our Forex Strategy Holds a Track Record with a Profitability of 96.30% each year for 9 Consecutive Years.

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