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Here you find step by step instructions how to set-up your API with Bitvavo.

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API connection to Bitvavo step by step

Step 1

Log in to the exchange of your choice (Binance or Bitvavo) and Select ‘Setup’ in the dropbox

Stap 2

Verificate your phone number and click on verificate (blue button). Follow all the next steps

Step 3

After the phone number is verified, enter the 2 factor verification. You will need Google Authenticator app for this. Make sure it is installed on your smartphone. Click on the green “Enable” button and go through the steps.

Step 4

Now click on your username again and choose”API”.

Step 5

Next, choose “Request New API Key.”

Step 6

Fill in the screen as shown on the right. Use your own two-factor code!

Stap 6 Api Koppelen

Step 7

Now copy the API Key and the API secret Key using the button provided.

Stap 7 Api Koppelen

Step 8

Log in to Satoshi Trading Bot, go to Settings/Exchange/Add Exchange —> Bitvavo and copy your API keys in the intended place and choose “Add”.

Step 9

Confirm API Keys at Bitvavo and then choose “Verify”. The API connection is now active.

Stap 9 API Koppelen

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