Set up your bot

Here you find step by step instructions how to set-up your bot. If you still have questions you find help from the community in the Telegram chat or the WhatsApp button below.

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Step 1: Register an account on Satoshi Trading Bot

Register an account on Satoshi Trading Bot (for free). We only charge a fee over the net profit of the transactions. You can use the simulator mode if you want to see what kind of results the bot can make. There is no KYC process to make an account on the bot so it just takes 2 minutes to register.

Step 2: You need to link an exchange account 

You can link any Bitvavo or Binance account with your Satoshi Trading Bot trough an API. When you go to ‘settings‘ and then ‘exchanges‘ you can connect an exchange of your choice.

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT click the ‘reserved amount’ setting, because this setting is meant for saving/not using money in your account. So if you want to keep a buffer or save some money to withdraw, this is the setting to use! 

If you don’t have an account on one of these exchanges you can make one (both work in all of Europe). Use one of the following buttons to get a discount in the fees on the exchange:

You can find a step by step manual how to connect Bitvavo through API with your Satoshi Bot.

 In this instruction video you can see a step by step manual how to connect your exchange trough API (this video is in Dutch).

Step 3: Setting up traders

Once you have an exchange linked to Satoshi Trading Bot you can start setting up traders on your account. There are up to 11 different cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ether, LTC, ADA and many more) you can trade against FIAT (EUR) on the Satoshi Trading Bot and you can choose manually which ones you want the bot to use.

Here is an example photo how to set-up traders:


Give this trader a name you recognize.

Select the desired stock exchange here. You cannot change this later on.

Select the crypto currency you want to trade (maximum of one per trader). You cannot change this later on.

Trading strategy:
Choose from BBT or UpDown. You can change this later on. See FAQ for the difference per strategy.

Profit Strategy:
‘Reinvest’ stands for distributing profits in Euros and ‘HODL’ stands for keeping the profits in the relevant cryptocurrency the trader is trading.

Minimum profit percentage:
At what percentage can the trader take profit on a trade. Take into account the buying and selling costs of the exchange (total 0.5% at Bitvavo ) and the commission of BBT. You can always change this.

Stop purchases above
Here you can specify a maximum purchase price (ceiling price). If the actual price is higher than you entered, no purchases will be made. You can change this entry at any time.

Average purchase amount
Here you enter the amount you would like to have as the average transaction size. If you don’t enter anything here, the trader will always use 18% of the free available Euro balance in the exchange in question.

Maximum open purchases
How many purchase positions the trader is allowed to have at the same time for this currency. Together with “Average purchase amount” you can set a limit how much the trader is allowed to invest in a coin.

Is enabled
If the trader is active, there is a check mark here. For -temporary- the activation, remove the check.

Choose “SAVE” and the trader is active.

NOTE: it may take several hours before a trader makes his first purchase. This depends on the strategy and whether there is a correct price trend.

Step 4: Put credits on your account

To get a percentage out of the net profit of your transactions the Satoshi Trading Bot uses prepaid credits that you have to put on your account. When you go to the dashboard you see a part where it says ‘credits‘ and there you have the option to choose ‘buy credits‘. Then you will get into a menu where you can finish your credit purchase with different payment methodes. If these payments options are not available for you then you can contact us. You need to put your investment capital on your exchange the credits are only to pay your fees. For example if you put a thousand euro in your exchange account you can put between 50 and 100 Euro in credits on your Satoshi bot account.


Step 5: Start trading

You finished all the steps and now you just have to wait until the bot starts trading (few hours). If you have other questions make sure to read the FAQ or contact us through e-mail, WhatsApp or the Telegram chat.

Congratulations you will now start earning profits!


Smart Algorithms

Utilize our intelligent algorithms that allow you to set and forget it. Satoshi Trading Bot allows you to choose between two intelligent trading strategies each with their own advantages. UpDown with fast trades and BBT with more strategic moves.

No Cure no pay

Using the Satoshi Trading Bot is free and you will only pay a fee over the transactions that make profit.  No monthly fees, no hidden costs. And it is possible to test the bot with simulator modus first so you can check the results.

impressive profits

Satoshi Trading Bot makes very impressive profits on your investment. The crypto market is highly volatile and the bot keeps buying low and selling high. Your profits mostly even surpass holding. And you can increase your crypto holdings.