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Bitcoin miner CleanSpark recently announced its plan to merge with Griid Infrastructure. The deal involves acquiring all of Griid’s common shares for $155 million. This merger will allow CleanSpark to access 20 megawatts (MW) of Griid’s available power, significantly boosting its operational capacity. The company estimates that this could increase its power capacity by over 400 MW within the next two years.

Strategic Benefits of the Merger

CleanSpark CEO Zach Bradford emphasized the strategic benefits of the acquisition. He noted that Griid’s energy infrastructure in Tennessee complements CleanSpark’s existing operations in Georgia and Mississippi. “This acquisition would give us a clear and steady path over the next three years,” Bradford stated. He expressed confidence in the long-term benefits of the merger.

Expansion in Power Capacity

In Georgia, CleanSpark has established more than 400 MW of power capacity supported by significant, long-term power contracts. The company also manages power infrastructure in Mississippi and hosts mining machines in New York. To further extend its reach, CleanSpark has unveiled plans for new mining facilities in Wyoming. CleanSpark has announced the development of additional mining facilities in Wyoming.

Stock Market Reaction

Following the announcement, Griid Infrastructure’s stock price plummeted, dropping 49% to $1.20 per share. Despite this sharp decline, shares in the Cincinnati-based mining firm have rallied 55% over the past month, reflecting optimism about its future prospects. CleanSpark’s stock showed little change following the announcement, with a slight increase of 0.44%, trading at $16.15 per share.

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