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How Referral Works in Satoshi Trading Bot?


Referral programs are a popular way for businesses to attract new customers and incentivize existing users to promote their products or services. The Satoshi Trading Bot offers a referral program that allows users to earn commissions by referring others to the platform.

Creating a Referral Link

To create a personal referral link in the Satoshi Trading Bot, users can navigate to the “Referral” menu in the trader interface. From there, they can generate a unique referral link that they can share with others.

Commission Structure

Users who sign up for the Satoshi Trading Bot via a referral link will generate earnings. The original user who referred them will receive a commission in credits based on the earnings of the users they referred.

Tracking Referrals

The Satoshi Trading Bot provides users with tools to track their referrals and earnings. Users can see how many people have signed up via their referral link and how much commission they have earned.

Commission Payouts

Commission earned through the referral program is typically paid out in credits. Which can be used to cover trading fees or other expenses within the platform. Users can usually request a payout once they have reached a certain threshold.

Benefits of Referring Others

Referring others to the Satoshi Trading Bot can be beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, it can help users earn additional income through the commission program. Secondly, it can help grow the user base of the platform, potentially leading to more liquidity and better trading opportunities for all users.

The referral program offered by the Satoshi Trading Bot provides users with an opportunity to earn commissions by referring others to the platform. By creating a personal referral link and sharing it with others. Users can potentially earn additional income and help grow the platform’s user base.

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