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Our algorithm makes successful trades for you

Satoshi Trading Bot is an automated Cryptotrader with the possibility to grow your portfolio/to earn an passive income. Without any stress, effort or knowledge. Within 15 minutes you have everything up and running. Follow our instructions and get started.

Why Satoshi Trading Bot?

Use our intelligent algorithms that allow you to set it and forget it. With Satoshi Trading Bot you can choose to keep your profit in Euro or Cryptocurrency. Thousands of investors are already using the Satoshi Trading Bot. You can use the simulator mode and see the results for yourself with no obligation. You will get help of a full community of our current 200 members. Join the Telegram Chat and chat with us for training and support.

Super Easy set-up

+ With instructions everybody understands.

We give a step by step manual that helps people set up their bot and traders. It takes you around 15-30 minutes and then you don’t have to worry anymore. Just sit back relax and enjoy the trading.


Keep your profit in crypto

+ You can choose! Profit in Euro or Crypto?

One of the big advantages of this bot is that you get your profit in either the cryptocurrency you are trading or just in Euro. You can decide on each trader which you prefer. So you could choose to keep your Bitcoin and Ethereum profits and have your other cryptocurrencies changed back to Euros.


24/7 Availability

+ Our community and experts will answer.

The Telegram chat is full of experts who have been using to bot for quite some time now. Another option is to sent us an e-mail and we will strive to answer you within 24 hours.


Register an account


Connect an Exchange


Set up traders


start earning

Our advantages

Quick set-up

Just follow the instructions and within 15 minutes you will have a working Satoshi Trading Bot. Everyone can set it up. Shortly after starting the bot will already make the first trades.

Good profits

The Satoshi Trading Bot brings in good returns every month. A great way to earn extra Euros and/or Crypto. Completely automatic and without stress and effort like manual trading.


No cure no pay

You only pay when the bot performs successfull trades. As soon as the trader sells a position, part of your credits/credit balance is deducted. Opening an account is free and there are no monthly fees.


Grow your Crypto

The HODL option to save profits in cryptocurrencies makes it easier for you to grow your portfolio. In this way you will build a portfolio which also becomes more and more valuable.


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